The LSAT Exam Multiple Choice Structure.

So as for the structure of the law school admission test: The LSAT exam has a total of six sections consisting of two un-scored sections and four scored sections. Five of the six sections are 35 minute multiple-choice sections. The multiple choice sections will be of the following types:

Reading Comprehension. One of the six sections on the law school admission test will be reading comprehension. In the Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT exam, there will be approximately four different reading comprehension sets. The subject matter of the sets will reflect the following; one set will concern law, another set will concern arts/humanities, another set will concern physical sciences, and the final set will concern social sciences. There will be between five and eight questions per reading comprehension set. Recently changes to test were made to replace one of the four reading comprehension sets with comparative reading question. Comparative reading question presents two short passages with different perspectives on a topic. In law school, and later in the practice of law, reading comprehension is an important skill. Lawyers are required to read and understand different statutes, ordinances, and administrative codes. To prepare you for this, in law school reading comprehension will be an important part of most of the assigned work.

Logical Reasoning. Two of the six multiple-choice sections on the law school admission test will be logical reasoning sections. The logical reasoning sections are meant to test logical reasoning skills (such as the ability to complete arguments, analyze and critically evaluate same) through providing an argument paragraph/set of facts that will ask you to identify assumptions, conclusions, omissions, further information required, parallel reasoning, or identify something that would contribute or take away from the argument.

Logic Games. The analytical reasoning section or “Logic Games” section of the law school admission test is problematic for many test takers. Thankfully, this represents only one section of the test. The logic games section will contain four different logic games that involve ordering elements, matching groupings together, or setting up different factual and scheduling items.

Experimental Section. The final multiple choice section of the LSAT exam will be an un-scored experimental section. Your performance on this section will not hurt or help your law school admission test score. Essentially, LSAC is using this opportunity to test questions that they may use on future LSAT tests. Obviously you are not informed which section will be the experimental section otherwise everyone would skip the Experimental Section. However, rumor has it that the experimental section is always one of the first three sections of any given test, but it would be unwise to try and identify which section is the experimental section and thus you should proceed as if all sections will be scored.

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