Law School Letter of Recommendation: Find A Recommender Who Knows Your Work And Can Highlight Your Following Qualities.

The law school letter of recommendation is one of the most important law school requirements for law school acceptance. Some schools only require one letter of recommendation, but most schools require a minimum of two. Do not go beyond what your particular law school requirements state… i.e. if the law school requirements state that only two letters of recommendation are required, do not submit three.

Choose recommenders who you are close with, who know you well, and can affirmatively represent your attributes. A proper letter of recommendation should be drafted by a professor or an employer and not your mother, friend or someone who does not know you from a professional (or academic) environment. Moreover, your recommender should be familiar with your work and attitude.

Law school requirements usually will not permit you to forward a law school letter of recommendation from your home address. The law schools will want to receive a letter of recommendation directly from the people who you ask to draft them.

I was lucky in that I had some very trustworthy and good people draft my recommendations (one professor and a partner from the law firm that I worked for during the summer of my junior year). However, you might not be completely comfortable submitting the letters of recommendation to law schools without first reading them for yourself. It cannot hurt to ask your recommenders if you could preview the letter, the worst thing they can say is no.

Before you ask someone to draft a recommendation for you, be sure to fully explain to them what it is for, and further most law schools will have instructions or a series of questions for the recommender. In an effort to increase the likelihood of your law school acceptance be sure to advise your recommender to highlight the following:

Your attitude.

Commitment to work.

Transferable skills to that of the law.

How he/she believes you will be successful in law school and why.

What makes you unique vs. other candidates.

How you (through your uniqueness) would be able to positively contribute to the law school experience of your classmates.

Your interest in the law.

One last piece of advice for your law school letter of recommendation; make sure you give whoever is drafting your law school letter of recommendation significant forewarning (months if possible). The recommender will not be in a happy mood (and thus be less likely to positively recommend you) knowing that they have to send out the letter of recommendation to your law schools the next day. Consequently, failing to properly plan and advise your recommender of such can jeopardize your chances at obtaining law school acceptance.

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