Law School Admission Test Writing Section...  Demonstrate Analysis!

Writing Section. The only non-multiple choice section of the law school admission test will be the writing section. Because of the importance of writing in law school (and subsequently as a lawyer) the LSAT exam contains a writing section. The writing section requires the drafting of an essay based upon a problem and two options for making a decision. You choose which option with which you agree and draft an essay regarding your choice. This is the final section of the test, and is not graded by LSAC. Instead, your essay will be scanned and forwarded to the admission offices of the schools where you are applying. The admissions offices will use and review this to decide whether or not a candidate should be granted admission. The weight given to the quality of your writing sample by the admissions council of a school differs from school to school.

*Quick Hint - Write neatly and keep the proper essay form:


Several Supporting Paragraphs


Remember that the admissions people will have hundreds of essays to read, and will only spend a short amount of time reviewing your essay. Therefore, your score will likely be higher if your essay appears neatly written and well-structured from a cursory review.

Further, the most important element that you want to convey in your writing is the ability to ANALYZE… Show the reader that you can identify the issues that exist in the fact pattern, state the rule that you are using to apply to the fact pattern, analyze the method you chose to apply the rule to the fact pattern, and then firmly state your conclusion.

Finally, once you are finished taking the law school admission test, go home and forget about it. Worrying about what questions you might have guessed incorrectly is not going to improve your score. Just be happy and content with the fact that you are taking affirmative actions to improve your level of education… be proud of yourself!!! Most people do not have the guts to go any further than taking note of the LSAT exam dates, let alone affirmatively preparing to become a lawyer.

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