Phrases You Can Include In Your Law School Personal Statement.

WARNING: Do not copy the below verbatim in your law school personal statement, review the below and make it YOUR OWN.

When I first attempted legal writing my written work product was very simplistic in style and did not smoothly transition compared to my supervising partner’s style of writing. So one day I compared my original work to my supervising partner’s work and discovered that the main difference (in addition to poor IRAC method organization) were simple two/three word phrases that my supervising partner would use to make his writing flow smoothly. Here at we like to refer to these as “transitional statements”, and same can greatly improve your law school admission essay.

As soon as I started including these Transitional Statements my writing improved over night. The problem with most law school personal statements (excluding organization which should be addressed with IRAC) is poor writing. As long as the below transitional statements are used correctly, they can dramatically increase the quality of your law school personal statement. Pick and choose, do not overuse the below, and MAKE SURE YOU USE THE PHRASES CORRECTLY. Some of the below will be more applicable towards actual legal writing, but I have noted some example statements that could be used in Law School Essays. Do not use the below if in viewing your essay as a whole the inclusion of same removes the feeling and personalization of your law school personal statement. Further, do not include the below if you feel it conveys that you are trying too hard to sound like a lawyer.

Statements for smooth transitions in your law school personal statement:


Ex: “Further, I want to go to law school because…” “Further I discovered/found/learned…”

“In furtherance thereof,”

Ex:“In furtherance thereof, I decided to apply for an internship at…”

Ex: “In furtherance thereof, I determined that if I wanted to become a lawyer I would first have to investigate…”


Ex: “Additionally, I learned/discovered/found…”


Ex:“Moreover, the reason…”

Ex:“Moreover, I found/learned/discovered…”

“In pertinent part”

Ex: “In pertinent part, the document stated/states…”

Ex: “In pertinent part, I was informed…”

“Clear and unequivocal”

Ex: “It is clear and unequivocal that the decision to become a lawyer would require extensive research for me to determine if it is my proper choice of careers.”

“Affirmative obligation”

Ex: “It is the affirmative obligation of a law school candidate to properly investigate and prepare for law school, therefore I...”

“Including but not limited to,”

Ex: “Proper preparation for law school includes but is not limited to preparing for the LSAT. Therefore, I…”

“In fact,”

Ex: “In fact I went so far as to…”


Ex: “Presumably, a law school candidate should be familiar with the LSAT, but I elevated my investigation by…”

“In good faith”

“In the case at hand” or “In the matter at hand,”

“Pursuant to”

Ex: “Pursuant to my original plan on investigating whether or not I should become a lawyer I…”

Concluding statements: You can use these statements not only in your conclusion but throughout your law school personal essay whenever you are drafting the RULE in the IRAC method.


Ex: “Consequently, I learned an important lesson from this experience…”


Ex: “Therefore, I decided to read’/investigate/contact…”

“In conclusion,” or “In summary,”

Ex: “In conclusion, I believe that I have thoroughly investigated whether law school is the proper course for me by…”

“Notwithstanding the above,”

“Each of these reasons will be discussed in more detail below.”

“For this reason,”

Ex: “For this reason, I have concluded that a career in law is the career that I want to pursue.”

“Respectfully request”

Ex: "Therefore, I respectfully request, and am seeking admission to the ___ Law School class of 201_”

“in light of the foregoing circumstances/experiences”

Ex: “Therefore, in light of the foregoing circumstances/experiences I have come to the final determination that a career in law…”

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