Online Law Schools: The Top Seven Advantages of Obtaining Your Law Degree Online.

Attending any of the online law schools is a very difficult path in so much as there are many hurdles that you must pass to ensure that you will become licensed. However, if you properly protect yourself (by obtaining written confirmation you can sit for the bar exam) and have specific career goals, there are certain distinct advantages to obtaining your law degree online.

1) Cost. The savings in tuition for opting for an online law school is a major advantage. The average cost to obtain a traditional juris doctorate at a traditional law school (for full 3 year term) is approximately $100,000 (the most expensive law school is approximately $150,000). Whereas, the approximate tuition to obtain an online juris doctorate is $30,000 so unlike at a traditional school, online schools do not require students to burden themselves with a lot of debt.

2) Admission. It is much easier to obtain admission to an online law school vs. a traditional law school. For some online schools the LSAT is not even required, and applicants instead have to take the online law school’s own entrance test and complete a telephone interview.

3) Location. You are not tied down to a specific location to learn when you attend any of the law schools online. You can learn while sitting at home watching your kids, or while on vacation. Wherever you have internet access you can attend your law school classes and make advances towards receiving your online juris doctorate.

4) Efficiency. Similarly to the advantage of location is the advantage of efficiency. In the case of a traditional law school, or part time/night program, you are required to appear at the law school. The transit time between your house and the law school (or the law school and your job) could be significant, and could be the deciding factor in you not attending law school. Whereas, if you enroll in any of the law schools online you eliminate any travel/commuting time (and expense). Further, you can slowly chip away at your online juris doctorate (for example putting in an hour for class while you eat your lunch at work).

5) Practice as a Solo. If you have no desire to work for a firm or another organization, and your goal is to practice law as a solo practitioner, attending one of the law schools online may be the right choice for you. As more thoroughly discussed on other pages of this web site, employers (such as law firms) generally do not favor hiring graduates from an online law school. However, if it is your intention to “be your own boss” then this concern is eliminated.

Further, after practicing as a solo for a few years you will most likely have a network of people in the law field that would be willing to offer you employment if you tired of the solo practice.

6) Padding the Resume. Attending any of the law schools online may be beneficial if you simply want to pad your resume and claim that you have obtained your juris doctorate, and you have no intention of actually practicing law.

7) Intellectual Curiosity. Perhaps you are simply intellectual curious about law school and want to attend law school classes for no specific career objective. Law schools online offer the perfect choice to broaden your horizons and learn about the law.

WARNING! As mentioned on previous pages of this website, if you attend any of the online law schools you have to make sure that the State where you intend to practice will allow you to sit for the bar exam. We recommend that you write to the bar admissions council in the State where you intend to practice and ask them to confirm that if you obtain a law degree from _____ law school that your online juris doctorate will be honored. Otherwise you may find yourself in a situation where you have obtained an online juris doctorate but won’t be allowed to practice law.

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