Strengths Of Pre Law Courses And Why You Will Need More Information.

A pre law major at an undergraduate university is not a requirement to obtain admission to law school. Law schools accept students with many different majors. (I was a double major in communications, theater, minor in government.) What is important for obtaining admission to law school are your undergraduate grades.

Should you take any law classes in your undergraduate university? Perhaps. Such courses offered by undergraduate university can be beneficial depending on how the professor conducts the class.

If your professor conducts the class similar to a law school classroom; utilizing Socratic Method and case law method of learning it will open your eyes as to how law school classes actually function.

When I was in college I enrolled in Constitutional Law. I found it relatively interesting and in retrospect it did help me prepare for the law school classroom setting, however this particular course did not give me a major advantage in terms of mastering Constitutional Law vs. my law school classmates. It was a great introduction to the material but I do not think helped me receive a better grade in law school.

I guess the best way to describe it was “law school light”, a good introduction to the law school classroom and light constitutional subject matter. However, I realize now that I inappropriately used this class as a barometer for my decision to attend law school.

My intention in enrolling in the undergraduate constitutional law class was to discover whether or not I should go to law school. Unfortunately you cannot draw such conclusions from one class (or even a few classes).

Undergraduate law classes WILL NOT help you answer the following questions:

    1) Should I go to law school?

    2) Is there a niche of law that matches my passion?

    3) Will I enjoy the work that a lawyer does?

Enrolling in an undergraduate law course such as Constitutional Law, only answers the question of whether or not you may be interested in Constitutional Law.

Undergraduate law courses should not be used as an indicator of whether or not you should become a lawyer. Further, they make no contribution to discovering whether or not you will be happy doing the work that lawyers do?

What you have to do is take active steps to discover what niche of law is right for you (there are many, so it is likely you could find one that matches your passion), but YOU must take action. No one will do this for you!

Overall, how can you commit to law school if you don’t know what lawyers do, or if you don’t know what type of lawyer careers fit your personality?

In conclusion…

    -Your major does not matter, your grades are important! (Major in what interests you most so your grades will be higher.)

    -Undergraduate law courses can be beneficial in introducing you to the law school classroom/case method of learning.

    -Do not use your pre law courses as an indicator as to the ultimate question… Should you become a lawyer?

    -Take Action! Get out there and talk to people, find out what lawyers do and what niche will match your passion.

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