Students Who Want to Become Lawyers.

Excel Academically.

Students who want to become lawyers should achieve a high GPA in college. Most law schools base their decision about whether to admit a law student on two main elements: i) law student’s college GPA (prospective law students must do everything in their power to make sure that they have a high college GPA); and ii) the law students score on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). It is necessary to have both good college grades and a high LSAT score in order to be admitted to a good law school.  

But this does not mean that law schools do not consider other elements (LSAT and college grades are just the most important) letters of recommendation from college professors, whether the student was in the military or worked in college, the rank of the student’s college, and whether the student has family members that are alumni of the law school, are all considered.  Students who want to become lawyers should also use their college years to participate in campus and community activities that show a commitment to law and social justice. Many prospective law students get involved in their school’s debate society or may get a position in the student government of their college.

Students who want to become lawyers might think that they have to major in pre-law in order to get into the law school of their choice. The fact is that there is not one single major that will guarantee someone will be accepted to law school.  A pre-law major is not necessary to get admitted to law school because law school courses, exams, and textbooks are drastically different from college courses and materials and law schools want to be the starting point in teaching students to “think like lawyers.”

Students who want to become lawyers should focus on maintaining a relationship with a pre-law advisor in college who can help them access resources about law school, provide guidance about the law school admission process, and also provide guidance about pursuing a career in law. The entity that created and governs the LSAT is called the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) and this group has stated many times that there is no “right” major for students who want to become lawyers. LSAC has also stated that the law school admissions process focuses mainly on a student’s college GPA and LSAT score. Students who pick a major where they work harder, read and study more are more likely to be admitted to law school later than those who casually pick a pre-law major just to get admitted to law school.

Is Law School Right for You?

Students who want to become lawyers must do some self-assessment in order to figure out if law school would be right for them. Examine your motives for wanting to go to law school in order to make sure you are picking the right career choice. Students who want to become lawyers usually succeed in law school if:

  • They love reading.
  • They love writing.
  • They can read and synthesize hundreds of pages of complex material.
  • They love to pay attention to details in their work.
  • They have taken at least one undergraduate course where they read legal opinions, such as constitutional law or political science, or criminal justice.
  • They want to use their law degree to go into business as an entrepreneur.
  • They see law as a challenging and rewarding career they can stay in throughout their lives.
  • They love solving puzzles and resolving conflicts.

They are committed to public service and see the law as a way they can serve in their community.

Choosing a Law School.

Once a student has decided that law school might be right for them, they should obtain listings that show law school rankings. The quality and caliber of a student’s law school will have an impact on where the get their first job, the size of law firm they will work at, and how much debt they will have to go into to finance their law school education.

The most important law school rankings are published each year in various reports. These listings will enable students to see which law schools are top 20 and will help students decide on whether to accept a particular law school’s offer of admission by giving information on the status of a particular school. The listings of laws schools by rank is also important in letting students see which law schools are public (associated with a public university) and which are private schools. The data which are used to generate the law school rankings usually consists of GPAs and LSAT scores from the student bodies at the schools. Law school rankings are important because they let a student know which schools have solid reputations, good alumni networks, and excellent career services and placement options.

Now there is actually more to this than meets the eye.  Of course you need to consider the cost of law school tuition, books, living, and budget for same, but what most people don’t know (and this includes current law students) is that you should pick a law school in the general geographic location of where you want to work.  This is important because: 1) The law you learn in law school will be slightly slanted toward the law of that state.  2) The law school’s alumni will have a strong base in that geographic area.  3) It will be easier to obtain employment in that geographic area.


In conclusion students who want to become lawyers should know that LSAT score and GPA are very important to getting into law school.  Further, it is important for you to actually do a personal inventory and make sure that you will enjoy the work of a lawyer.  Finally, choose a law school that is geographically close to the area where you want to work because it will be easier to obtain employment as a young lawyer.

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