Why Become a Lawyer in Today’s Economic Environment?

Why become a lawyer in today’s economy? You may have read in newspaper articles or have been told by people that you should not become a lawyer.

Never believe people that tell you to definitely pursue one type of career or definitely not to pursue a career.

Those that tell you to definitely become a lawyer probably want to sell you something and don’t really care whether or not it is the proper career path for you. If they do care, then all they care about is delivering what they promised, nothing more, nothing less.

For example, you have probably seen advertisements for consultants who will review your law school personal statement. They might actually care about improving your law school personal statement and may actually deliver, however they draw the line there… they don’t care if you actually decide to commit to law school or not, and they have no interest in assisting you in figuring out your path in life.

Those that tell you to definitely not become a lawyer fall into one of two camps:

    1) Those who are bitter because they failed to graduate from law school, failed to pass the bar, failed to obtain employment (mostly due to a failure to properly plan their career).
    2) Those that base their conclusions on the popular social belief of the times.

Our goal with this website is not to influence you one way or the other. We merely exist to provide you with an insight into what it takes to be a lawyer and what it is like to actually work as a lawyer.

The truth is that only you can answer the question of why become a lawyer, and that question is a unique personal journey for all those who consider law school.

If you are seriously considering whether or not you should become a lawyer start thinking about the process as a business decision. Analyze what the cost is, and most importantly whether or not you will be happy doing the work that lawyers do on a day to day basis.

Why become a lawyer? The news isn’t all bad… If you properly plan your career around your passions and find related work during law school summers it will be drastically easier to locate employment after graduation.

Further, the law applies to every industry and every business… Moreover, every individual citizen will require a lawyer’s assistance at some point in their lives. What this means is that if you can find your passion, you can match it to a niche of law.

Most law students never take the time to discover in themselves what their passion is… instead they just float with the wind and accept whatever job they can find and wonder why they are not content with their careers.

Also, as for those who adamantly tell you not to become a lawyer, they fail to consider that all industries have suffered because of the current economic environment. The fact is that it is very difficult to find a job in a non-legal industry if you decide not to pursue law school and opt to enter the workforce.

Finally, realize that the law is actually more recession proof industry than most other industries. Lawyers with experience generally adapt their practice to the type of work available. For example, if a lawyer represents banks with extending loans to businesses, during tough economic times that lawyer will then have a lot of collection work from bad loans. Another example would be solo practitioners who may take on more personal bankruptcy work.

Overall, only you can answer the question of why become a lawyer for yourself!

Take action and learn as much as you can… before you spend any more money on applying to law school, or studying for the law school admission test READ THROUGH OUR WEBSITE!

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